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 How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

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PostSubject: How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer   Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:53 pm

How do you feel like iPhone? It is a device that may enhance your working efficiency as a part of your daily life. It has the wonderful touch experiences and the high quality’s Apps and e-books. They are all perfect in workmanship with smooth touch screen and photo effect. Its interface is very clear and distinct without granular sensation to you with the gentle colors. It is very durable and attractive, its other name of IT fashion.

Different people have different use of this artifact, to the people of camera enthusiastic that they take the most of the iPhone’s digital video function to capture the images and the pictures they loved everywhere. It would play a role of portable video camera, and it is easy to share your picture with your friends as well as upload to computer even online videos in twitters.

But do you know how to transfer videos from iPhone to computer? This is a question that video fonder must encounter. How to transfer videos or how to transfer music is most the common question asked by the users. Please find the guidance as follows,

Firstly, you can download a transfer tools as itools or itunes or other professional transfer from software developer from computer. The iPhone Transfer chose is the first step and you can choose the transfer to computer with best service from the lowest price, and chose the best price from the average service level.

Secondly, after the connection of iPhone and computer, you could open the transfer; the information of iPhone will appear on the computer. You may find the video disk from the software’s application program.

Please make sure that all the service of computer which related to iPhone is opening. Some fire wall or computer management software may close these services for the sake of computer speed up. The computer icon of iPhone is just like a shape of camera. If the icon is not appearing, you can press the Windows button together with R button to open the Running interface, put “services.msc” in the Running to open the Apple Mobile Device and Bonjour service. This time your can check if the Apple Mobile Device is open, if not; click the right mouse button to choose start is enough.

No matter what kind of smart phone, when you connect the phone to the computer, the computer will take the phone as a portable U disk. Use video transfer tool, you can find the video which taken from iPhone. Copy pictures or videos from the “U disk” to computer hard disk’s aim documents.

The last step, you can give your video a special cool name, then upload to Youtube or Facebook or your blog to share with friends with your joy in the daily life. The personal name of video will help the popularity of your video in the internet and convenience of searching.

Now you are complete the process of transfer video from iPhone to the computer even online. From this way, you can transfer video files, music and photos. Once you own the transfer, it is very convenience for you to enjoy your IT life, so enjoy your time!

Article Source: bestsoft4u.com , and you can also free download wonderful iPhone Transfer from this source website.
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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer
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