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 Apple's iOS 6.1.3 Has Still Existed the Problems of Battery Endurance and WIFI Problems

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PostSubject: Apple's iOS 6.1.3 Has Still Existed the Problems of Battery Endurance and WIFI Problems   Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:11 pm

Last week, apple released the upgrade of iOS also 6.1.3, to solve the security vulnerabilities of get into iPhone bypassed the screen unlocking password. But according to tech blog Gotta Be Mobile coverage, this upgrade will bring new problems to some users.

The battery endurance time’s shortening problem has appearred again in the iOS 6.1.3 also. Multiple users on the apple technical support BBS said, the battery’s durance life has significantly shortened after the installation of the new upgrade. Some people has tried the previous solution such as to close the notification service, or set the phone back to factory Settings, but there still no much improvements on the issue of battery endurance life.

The shortening of battery endurance’ life time seems to be the big old problem of the upgrade of Apple iOS. Since iOS 5.0, there are many users reported this problem. And it also forced Apple to launch multiple update packages, in order to solve this problem. However, after the upgrade package’s release, whenever there is a new upgrade appeared, there will be some users to report that the shortening of the battery endurance’s life time.
IOS 6.1.3 also has another problem of WiFi connection. With the users on the apple technical support BBS said, after the upgrading of connection, the WiFi would show gray in the phone, and it can't be normal used. This problem had appeared since the version of iOS 6.0. Users reported that, iOS 6.1.2 has solved this problem, but the problem has came again in iOS 6.1.3. However, there are some users said, iOS 6.1.3 has also solved this problem.
Apple has previously confirmed the existence of these problems, and issued a technical supported page, to provide the suggestions to solve the problem. In addition to the above problems, there still have other problems including that, a small number of users found that the battery endurance life has significantly decreased for connection to the Microsoft Exchange server. This issue should be resolved in the iOS 6.1.2 originally, but there still have parts of the user's problem has not got solution.
The personage in the industry points out that, although the problem is not common phenomenon, the few users who suffered the problems will feel disappointment.

Article Source: bestsoft4u.com , and you can also free download PDF Converter from this source website.
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Apple's iOS 6.1.3 Has Still Existed the Problems of Battery Endurance and WIFI Problems
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