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 How to rip DVD to iPod MP4 format

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How to rip DVD to iPod MP4 format
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PostSubject: How to rip DVD to iPod MP4 format   Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:31 am

Hi, it’s summer vacation now; and it’s time to have a fun. Do you want to enjoy the latest DVD movie “Iron Man 2” with your iPod when you are on a long train trip?
We all know DVD is .VOB format and iPod can only accepts MP4 and H.264 video formats. So to rip DVDs to iPod mp4 format, we need something necessary.

Things you need:
1. DVDs that buys from store or borrow from friends you want to convert
2. AVAide DVD to iPod Converter
3. Computer or PC for windows
4. iPod Touch

The following article I will show you how to rip DVDs for your iPod.

Step 0: Free download and install DVD to iPod Converter , double click the .exe file to run it. And then the beautiful interface will pop up like this.

Step 1: Click “Load DVD” button to import your DVD.
This professional DVD converter can load three DVD source, you can load your DVD from DVD drive, DVD folder in your PC and also IFO file.
Step 2: Select the output video format you want from the “Profile” drop-down list.
Then here you want to rip DVD for your iPod, you can choose .mp4 format.

You can also click the “Settings” button to set the value of Frame Rate, Resolution, and Bitrates and so on.

Step 3: Click “Convert” button to start your conversion and in a short while it will be finished. Then you can get a cup of coffee and come back later to check if the conversion is finished. Furthermore, this DVD Converter even offers the option to automatically shut down the computer when the conversion completed.

Some powerful functions of AVAide DVD to iPod Converter:
1: Capture your favorite picture.
If you like the current image of the video you can use the “Snapshot” opinion. Just click the “Snapshot” button, the image will be saved and you can click the “File” next to “Snapshot” button to open the destination of your pictures.

2: Merge videos into one file.
Just check the “Merge” option if you want to merge the selected contents into one file As default the merged file is named after the first selected file (either a title or a chapter)

3: Video Effecting
Click the “Effect” button and a dialog pops up, you can set your video effect here.
Brightness: Drag and click the Brightness adjustment bar to set the brightness of the video.
Contrast: Drag and click the Contrast adjustment bar to set the contrast of the video.
Saturation: Drag and click the Saturation adjustment bar to set the saturation of the video.
Volume: Drag the Volume adjustment bar to set the volume of the audio.

4: Crop video.
There are two methods available to crop your video:
Method 1: Crop by selecting a crop mode
Select a crop mode in the Crop Mode drop-down list and click OK to save the crop. There are seven pre-set crop modes for your choice: No Crop, Cut off Top and Bottom black edges, Cut off Top black edge, Cut off Bottom black edge, Cut off Left and Right black edges, Cut off All black edges and Custom. For "Custom", it allows you to customize your movie according to your needs. To crop your movie video, you can just drag your mouse cursor from four sides and four angles.
Method 2: Crop by setting the crop values
There are four crop values on the lower right part of the crop window: Top, Bottom, Left and Right. You can set each value to crop your movie video, and the crop frame will move accordingly.

Note: Before you start to crop your movie video, you can select an output aspect ratio from the Zoom Mode. There are four choices available: Keep Original, Full Screen, 16:9 and 4:3. After you select an output aspect ratio and finish the crop, the result can be previewed in the Preview window of the program main interface.

5: Trim video.
Click the “Trim” button and a dialog pops up. You can set the time of the clip here.

Set Start Time
Enter the start time in the Start Time box and click OK or drag slider bar under the Preview window and start time will be shown in the Start Time box for your reference.
Set End Time
Enter the end time in the Set End Time box and click OK or drag slider bar under the Preview window and the end time will be shown in the Set End Time box for your reference.
After you set the end time, the length of the captured clip will be shown in the Select Length box for your reference. You can click the “Convert” button to convert your DVD.
After the completion of conversion you can upload the clip onto YouTube and MySpace and share them with people of the whole world.

6. Customize personal watermark
You can customize your personal favorite watermark including image watermark or text watermark..

Note: If you want to add video to iPod Touch/Classic/Nano with iTunes,
Follow these steps:
1. Open iTunes and click “File” to add your videos to iTunes library.
2. Plug in your iPod to computer, then iTunes will detect your iPod as a device.
3. Select your iPod device on the left panel of iTunes, click “Movies” tab, check the videos you want to sync and click “Apply”, done.

Now enjoy your high-resolution video on your iPod Touch/Classic/Nano.
Have a nice summer vacation!

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PostSubject: Re: How to rip DVD to iPod MP4 format   Sun Aug 29, 2010 3:27 pm

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How to rip DVD to iPod MP4 format
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