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 PDF to ePub Converter and iPad Manager for ePub

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PDF to ePub Converter and iPad Manager for ePub
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PostSubject: PDF to ePub Converter and iPad Manager for ePub   Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:56 am

PDF to ePub Converter and iPad Manager for ePub
A good iPhone needs a good helper. If you want to read your e-books on your iPad, you need to convert your PDF files to ePub format for you to enjoy. And I introduce you a professional PDF to ePub Converter, with this professional PDF to ePub Converter , you can easily convert PDF to ePub and all original PDF features will be preserved after conversion. To convert PDF to ePub, what you should do is just to do a few clicks with just several buttons by this PDF to ePub Converter.
And if you have important ePub files to backup, I think you need an ePub transfer tool for Mac. Mac iPad Manager for ePub will help you to transfer ePub between your iPad and Mac, and it will lose nothing. And if you need a windows version, you can use this iPad Manager for ePub . And next I will show you how to backup ePub files from iPad to PC.

How to backup ePub files from iPad to PC

You can free download this application program of the iPad Manager for ePub software and follow the hints to install it. You will see the main interface as follow:

Preparations : Download and install iPad Manager for ePub , and then install and run it.
Step 1: Connect devices
Run iPad Manager for ePub and connect the iPad to PC via USB cable. The software will automatically detect the iPad; display all the contents of iPad in the left device list.
Step 2: Choose files
You can choose the files from your iPad. You can backup all the ePub files or other contents such as music, video, photo from iPad to your PC.
Step 3: Backup files
Click icon, you can choose a path to store the file you want to backup. When you complete the path selections, the backup process begins. After a few second, you can enjoy your files on your PC.
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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 1:06 pm

I like them, but not for 25 bucks. A few dollars more and you could get an OtterBox Commuter, or even a Defender if you find the right price.I just feel like my iPhone 4 is too delicate to keep in a normal hard case like that. I think one decent drop would kill it, unlike my old BB which skipped down a road twice.hopefull avi to dvd mac can solve iti hear what your saying.. im new to the iphone on verizon.. loving it.. but then again im an apple fan. have been using a mac for few years now and cant imagine going back to a pc..ive seen the post on the honeycomb 'not being open' article and your right. people are a little rediculous when it comes to this stuff.. me i have had 2 droid phones. rooted and loved them but truth of the matter is, ios is more stable than anroid (even rooted w/o bloatware to mess things up).. i have yet to have my iphone 'forceclose' any apps or slow down or freeze up or have issues when answering calls and or text messages or low memory errors (with 8gigs on board this should not be happening with so little media on the device) all of which happen on android devices and in some cases quite frequently (im the store tech at verizon.. i see it all..lol)… all i wanted to get at is that people (grown men) should just move on to something else if it suits them (like i did) and not have such a break down..lol..oh.. and for the record.. i dont think Jesus had anything to do with it…=)
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PDF to ePub Converter and iPad Manager for ePub
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