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 HD Video Converter for Sony/Canon/Jvc/Panasonic camcorder

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HD Video Converter for Sony/Canon/Jvc/Panasonic camcorder Empty
PostSubject: reply   HD Video Converter for Sony/Canon/Jvc/Panasonic camcorder Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 2:03 pm

I too am a huge Garmin fan but it sounds like from the comments that they've dorked this one big time. If Garmin is going to charge around the same price as Tom Tom or the others, it should come with downloadable maps. I'd rather have an out of date map than no map at all when out of cell coverage. Garmin needs to do like the others and just update the program with new maps periodically. Until this happens I won't be purchasing this program.hopefull iPod audio converter can solve itT-Mobile does have a pretty small 3G/4G footprint, but every speed test I have seen where there is coverage blows away most of the other carriers. The only one that comes close is AT&T. Bash the 4G HSPA+ naming convention all you want, but both T-Mobile and AT&T 3G is consistently faster than Sprint's Wimax. Wimax is only fast in relation to Sprint's slow 3G network.If T-Mobile really does expand to 42 Mbps on their HSPA+ that will be something. They just need to broaden their footprint.
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HD Video Converter for Sony/Canon/Jvc/Panasonic camcorder
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