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 How to convert video to iPad supported media formats?

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Your argument only says why you should be an "early adopter" not why you shouldn't pick Verizon over AT&T. Personally I'd say wait for the iPhone 5 since with Apple's product methods that device will possibly end up being a "world phone" with GSM/CDMA in the same device."Paying more for less" is NOT an point you can try to use when talking about AT&T verse Verizon. That would be a point when comparing AT&T/Verizon verse T-mobile/Sprint. As for simultaneous voice and data, personally I'd take call stability (what Verizon offers over AT&T in more geographical locations in the US) over simultaneous voice and data any day. However, if it were REALLY important to me to have voice and data at the same time on Verizon, I'd just use Skype.As for the early upgrade policy, we'll see what they offer for 1 year contracts for the iPhone. If it's the same as with ALL of their other phones it's only $70 extra on the device cost to go on a 1 year contract instead of a 2 year contract.hopefull dvd to ipad 2 mac can solve itI don't use my iPhone for business and I don't own an iPad (yet!). So all I do is sync calendars, mail, contacts, and apps, and I transfer photos to my laptop from my phone but not the other way. My music lives in the mSpot cloud, which syncs itself every time I add a new song to iTunes, and it's then playable on mSpot's iOS app.
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How to convert video to iPad supported media formats?
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