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 Enjoy all videos and songs on your Zune portable player?

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I have gotten the blue screen of death several times with a Dell. My son had a Dell crash after a windows update to service pk 3. He swears the Dell repair blamed the sp3 install. He bought a Mac because he got tied of problems. Dells will shut down, blue scene of death, if 53% of the hard drive is used. Mac will hold more pictures, and multi media. Dells are cheaper in price. Apple tends to be higher. The MacBook sir with the 13″ screen is $1500.00. You might as well go for a pro, and get more. I think Dell, and others are realizing the iPad, and similar products if made right, could replace the laptop. I guess it depends on your needs, and money on hand.hopefull m4a to mp3 can solve itNot just sliders, all tight fitting hard cases that are direct plastic on glass. My iPhone 4 now has a small chip on the back glass from a piece of dirt or something getting stuck in my otterbox defender. It had been under the felt part. I recommend getting a candy shell or somthing similar that has a soft material in contact with your phone.
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Enjoy all videos and songs on your Zune portable player?
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