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 How to Convert MOD to MP4 MOV FLV?

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i had various iphone backups all the way back to my original iphone from 2007!! lol between iphone, 2 iphone 3GS's, an AT&T iphone 4 and most recent VZW iphone 4… i had WAAAYYYYY too many backups… explains the massive 40 gigs of wasted space i was able to recover! so happy!! hopefull iphone music tranfer can solve itI have to chime in with my agreement that shipping AirPrint with support for just direct printing to a handful of HP printers is an epic fail on Apple's part. For the vast majority of iOS device users, I suspect AirPrint is not a feature, it's a useless tease—especially when there's no promise of AirPrinting to old printers attached to Mac OS systems but only to new AirPrint-enabled printers. Apple controls enough of the ecosystem; shipping the latest Snow Leopard update without AirPrint support was wrong.
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How to Convert MOD to MP4 MOV FLV?
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