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 A Good Method of Converting MOD Files to Mac

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Voice 'command' on Iphone is a complete joke. You can't trust it at all. Dial a number, and a song plays. Play a song, and the phone starts ringing. I cannot get it to work in my truck, which it seems would be the logical place you would want it. I turn off the radio, turn off the A/C, speak as clear as I can, and it STILL gets it wrong. Useless. As to making it control even more of the phone seems equally as useless unless it works! My old BB Bold have a speach learning set-up you had to go through. You had to say letters and numbers and the phone 'learned' your voice. And, IT WORKED!!hopefull mp4 to dvd can solve itYes, i bought one apple ipad wifi + 3g 64gb from in competitive price, it bring me a lot of fun and convenient,like it very much.
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A Good Method of Converting MOD Files to Mac
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