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 How to Transfer Videos/Music and Picture From iPad to PC and PC to iPad

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PostSubject: How to Transfer Videos/Music and Picture From iPad to PC and PC to iPad   Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:29 am

How to Transfer Videos/Music and Picture From iPad to PC and PC to iPad

Yesterday, I was submitted to go to China on business. It is really boring, for I have to be alone this time. I want to find something to play to help me killing the boring time on the airplane. At last, an idea occurred to me that I could take my iPad and enjoy videos during the way, so I downloaded some videos from internet and want to put it in my iPad, but unluckily, they won’t, so I need to transfer them to my iPad, and with the transfer process, I need a transfer tool to help me.

But how can I do it, know, I remember one of my friend had one tool like this, So I “borrowed” transfer tool iPad Transfer from my friend and want to transfer them to my iPad. I find this software is very simple to use, several steps to transfer, these videos are transferred from PC to iPad. It let me fondle admiringly. Now the following I will show you how to use iPad Transfer to transfer videos/music/picture?

How to transfer videos/picture/music from iPad to PC?
First, Download -- download this iPad Transfer , install and run it on your computer.

Second, connect your iPad to Computer.
Third, import -- Open “Music” icon to add muaic and open to add picture and open “Video” icon to add videos.
Last, Transfer – Click to transfer it

Tips: This effect can also be reached by using iPad to PC Transfer .

How to transfer picture/music/video from PC to iPad?
First, Download -- download Tipard iPad Transfer , install and run it on your computer and connect your iPad with your computer.
Second, Add File – press “File” >> “Add File” to add video/picture/music to the software and choose what you want from them.
Third, Transfer – Click to transfer files.

I think this iPad Transfer can help you to transfer your files between your iPad and PC with ease, and you will not lose anything, it will keep the perfect image/sound quality, it will not damage the quality of files, if you want to a combinations tool, you can choose this iPad Transfer Pro software.
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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 6:31 pm

Question to the group – is there a known issue that on the iPad 2 (running iOS 4.3.1) that the FaceTime apps freezes and cannot be fixed without rebooting the device? Even shutting down the app in the fast app switcher won't fix it. You must reboot. I don't think it's just me.hopefull flv to mp4 can solve itOnly works for video, not audio. Audio is almost the only use I would have for it. I use a Mac Mini for my media center, and anything I would want to watch I'm probably going to watch from there anyway. But my music or audio books are probably already going on my iPhone, and when I get home or whatever, I just want to be able to send it to my Mac Mini.
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How to Transfer Videos/Music and Picture From iPad to PC and PC to iPad
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