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 Christmas special offer for iCoolsoft customer

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Since VLC (and I presume VLCMobile) freely distributes the source code, anyone with a developer account could compile it and submit it to the app store. The developers of VLCMobile may not have even had any formal association with the developers of VLC.In addition, even if all the developers of VLC itself were willing to change the license, they couldn't do it. VLC uses other GPL-licensed libraries. Who knows how many hundreds, thousands of developers have contributed to VLC in some indirect way, all submitting code under the GPL.hopefull avi to mov converter for mac can solve itOther comments/tips:-The battery life on my iPhone4 was poor for the first week or so. It just took a couple of complete run downs and full charges before battery life became long/consistent.-A full run-down (below 10 percent or until it powers down) and then a full charge (at least 4 hours) every once in a while really seems to improve batter life. I believe Apple recommends doing this at least once a month.-I tend to keep wifi and 3g on, along with location services. I'm not religious about closing background apps (primarily because I don't think background apps really suck up much/any juice) and I still have been getting 40 hours of heavy use before charging (as in, 10 hours of wifi/3g/data/phone/games/otherapps use and 30 hours of stand-by). A charge every other day does the trick.
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Christmas special offer for iCoolsoft customer
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