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 How to convert M2TS files on windows and Mac

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PostSubject: How to convert M2TS files on windows and Mac   Wed Dec 22, 2010 6:58 am

Q: What is M2TS format?
A: M2TS format is an HD video format that is generated by particular models of Sony Camcorder like HDR-SR5 and HDR-SR1 models. M2TS file format is not only recorded by Sony Camcorder but it is perfectly recorded by Canon, Panasonic and other brand AVCHD camcorders.

As M2TS format is HD video, most of our video editor such as windows movie maker can not edit it directly. And also you can not upload it to youtube.com and share with your friends.

Here I know two really powerful M2TS Converter and M2TS Converter for Mac.

And the process of operation is really easy and fast.

Part 1: How to convert M2TS Video
Step 1: Load Video
Click “Add File” to load M2TS video that you want.

Step 2: Choose Your Output Profile and Settings
From “Profile” drop-down list you can choose your output profile according to your need.

For example, if you have a iPod and you want to convert video for it, you need to choose “iPod” from the profile list and then it also provides the second chance to specify your iPod generation.
You can also click “Settings” adjust your output video, such as “video/audio encoder”, “Video/audio Bitrate”, “Channels”, “Resolution” and so on..

Step 3: Conversion
After you have done all the steps above you can click button to start your conversion.

Part 2: How to convert M2TS video on Mac?

Step 1: Add File
Load your M2TS video on Mac.

Step 2: Choose Profile and Settings
Select your output profile according your need and adjust the settings of your output video if you like.

Tip1: Edit video effect
Click “effect” button and then pop up the dialog box for you to adjust the effect.

Tip2: Trim video
Enter the start time and the end time into the blank box directly and click “ok” button, the trim length will be automatically appear in the blank box.

Tip3: Crop video
Click “crop” button to open the edit window to modify.

Step 3: Start Conversion
Click “Start” to begin your conversion.
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THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I lose 1-2 bars of service EVERYWHERE with the Vapor case on. And they want $150 for the new one??!?!?!?! Craziness. Although I wish I did come up with the idea and manufactured them, because they are killin it! Speaking of that, anyone want to buy my Vapor4 case? I media blasted it to give it a raw metal look.hopefull rip dvd to avi file can solve itI would not say the squeeze buttons unlock is a con. I was charging with my apple cable, and did not realize it had came out enough to disconnect it. To me the lock style connectors are a good feature. Great price for this cable. Wish it was about two feet longer.
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How to convert M2TS files on windows and Mac
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