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 20% Discount-convert Blu-ray to iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.

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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 7:15 pm

Actually it's not only gonna be featured by bestbuy…. Target has a special launching Sunday for iPad 2 and so does walmart. Toys r us is launching iPad 2 in their stores on Sunday… So if you've been looking for one, that's where your best chances arehopefull free MOV Converter can solve itiOS vs Android from a developers view… TL;DR version: Android allows for far more creative and engaging applications than Apple can ever hope to provide with iOS. This is a win for users, developers and Google alike, and it has only been getting better with each release.From the sounds of it, TiPb has never touched an Android device and is just repeating FUD from other fanbois. The are both great OS's for different reasons, and there is nothing wrong with having an opinion either way. Personally, IMHO, Android is a better system, but use what you like and be happy with it. Don't spread lies like a little troll looking for hits.
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20% Discount-convert Blu-ray to iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.
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