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 YouTube Video Converter

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PostSubject: Re: YouTube Video Converter   Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:07 am

nice topic
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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 7:18 pm

It is quite annoying and my phone wasn't even on vibrate. It is set for vibrate and ring.This is a pretty dumb statement. Vibrate + Ring still vibrates, of course. Otherwise it would just say "Ring". The phone is just doing what you told it too.However, the point about using the proximity sensor to disable vibrate does have merit, I suppose. I've never experienced this issue, but it would seem easy enough to turn off the vibrate if you don't want it to vibrate.hopefull dvd to ipod converter can solve itPlease have a look at this web site. The guy did a copy and paste of your article. Grotesque! Tell him he is a thief !
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YouTube Video Converter
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