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 An easy way to convert MOV file to Flash videos(.FLV)

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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 7:54 pm

It is funny how Apple has so many people brainwashed that they can't acknowledge that a head to head comparison of current devices, even if one has not been released yet, the iPad loses. So instead of people saying hmmm the Playbook may be a pretty good web browsing device they resort to other stuff that doesn't matter in this test i.e. gaming, size, etc. This is a WEB FIDELITY test and Blackberry is showing just that. And the whole Flash thing, Apple has truly dropped the ball because everyone is use to the Flash experience on their desktops and laptops and it is needed on your tablet device. So until everyone converts to HTML5, Apple needs to play ball with Flash and the consumers need to stop giving excuses for Apple.hopefull convert AVI video to iPod can solve itIt's the new prepaid iPhone. Remember a few months back they mentioned how they wanted to get to the prepaid market? Notice how iOS 5 didn't get announced? It's cause the prepaid model is optimized for 4.0 and the major overhaul coming with 5.0 would create the need for updated hardware. They wanna keep this thing cheap.
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An easy way to convert MOV file to Flash videos(.FLV)
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