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 How to convert Blu-ray movies to MPEG/DivX/3GP format?

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Amazon has never been shy about entering a new market if tthought they could make money. If they were to develop an Android Tablet with Stock Android and tied into their eco system it could be a very tempting purchase. Sony's problem is in getting other content owners to make that content available to their competition. Samsung will soon be releasing a direct competitor to the iPod touch so we'll see how it works out.hopefull rip Blu-ray to iso can solve itTHEY ARE HORRIBLE! I lose 1-2 bars of service EVERYWHERE with the Vapor case on. And they want $150 for the new one??!?!?!?! Craziness. Although I wish I did come up with the idea and manufactured them, because they are killin it! Speaking of that, anyone want to buy my Vapor4 case? I media blasted it to give it a raw metal look.
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How to convert Blu-ray movies to MPEG/DivX/3GP format?
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