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 How to enjoy HD Video on your iPod in easy steps

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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 9:07 pm

I want a notch smaller version of iPhone, like a BB Bold form factor. Fits perfectly in palm and so pocketable. Yes, it defeats the advantage of perfect rendering of web site etc, but I can sacrifice the screen real estate a bit in order for a more compact size. To compensate for battery size, add some thickness. IP4 is too thin with too many hard edges, making it rather uncomfy to hod in palm. Take the last row of icons on home screen and you get a perfect size.hopefull copy iPod to mac can solve itYawn! These Verizon Iphone rumors are redundant and arbitrary. Any reasonable thinking person should know it is inevitable for the Iphone to branch out to Verizon, and other carriers. Honestly, did you think AT&T let everyone upgrade to the Iphone 4 mid contract out of the kindness of their heart? Use your head people.
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How to enjoy HD Video on your iPod in easy steps
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