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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 9:12 pm

I use imo on both my iPhone and my iPad. Prior to that I bought Beejive waay back, but imo is free, provides push notification, stays logged in for 72 hours, and works very well on all the protocols I use (MSN, Gtalk, Facebook IM, Yahoo, etc.)hopefull avi to ipad can solve itI respect that you are a writer for an Apple product website, but I am shocked at the "fanboy" style of defense you are using. as a member of the tech blogosphere I would think you would show a little more open-mindedness to other products. I am a huge fan of iOS, but am also a user of an Android phone and I can say without a doubt that you are arguing semantics with the usability/functionality argument. if You had ever used an Android phone for more than a day or two it is fairly obviousnthat it's use is supple, effective and fun. Yes, it may not be AS simple as simple home screens and screens full of square apps, but there is little flexibility for customization, a feature that I feel gives Android a nice edge. I was quite shocked to find a device as "polished" as an iPhone require multiple generations of OS just to include a home screen wallpaper. and issues like multiple copy/paste methods, yes it may be the same across all applications in iOS, but I find it just as effective in Android, albeit it's multiple methods. I am typing this on an iPad so I can say that I am not doing this with a bias, but I honestly feel that your perspective on usabiltiy is far too narrow-minded and lacks a persecutive from actually using an android device. just acme food for thought
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Introduce the powerful iCoolsoft to you Share: Get the discounted iCoolsoft for the coming New Year
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