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 Which one is the Best Video Converter

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PostSubject: reply   Mon May 02, 2011 9:24 pm

Yea ill believe it when i see all last year they said the same the ip4 has gorilla glass and nope it scratches in my opinion very easy ill bet anything is whatever comes out it will have no gorilla glass renee does this every year hypes the hell outta a new iphone but it never quite lives up to the hype hello renee were apple fanboys u dont have to sell us on anything just stop the other smart phone bashing and keep takin your kick backs just like lofte and her loving the white iphone coversion which i have and is complete garbage i wish i could get my black iphone backhopefull converter from vob to mp4 can solve itNoOoOoOoOoOo! Why do I continue to follow a company who's products only have a year life span? I buy the new iPhone and a new one is out in a year. Buy a iPad and the new one is out next year. Buy an iShuffle and new one out, bought an iMac and new one came out this year. WTHeck! My iPhone 4 will be worthless if AT&T has 4G network n my SO ADVANCE PHONE won't support it?! Give me at least 2 years with your products Apple, Jeeezzzee! (I know someone is going to say there life span is longer nexus u can still use the product as long as you like but I'm talking about the life span of it being the newest) Well hope everyone is enjoying there new year so far! Thanks whatever for replying to my comment.
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Which one is the Best Video Converter
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