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 How To Convert MOD/TOD Files To MPEG-2 On Mac And PCs

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At first I wasn't gonna jailbreak anynof my devices (iPad, iPhone 4). Then I though about it a bit and decided to jailbreak my iPad. I love to keep my iPhone pure, but I'll keep my iPad jailbroken. Mainly cause I need stability, and I use my iPhone 4 way more then my iPad.hopefull burn avi to dvd mac can solve itOr, because the iPad is unlocked, you could just buy and insert a local sim for about $10 + maybe $50 for data service. I've been doing this all over the world with my NexusOne and it works great, except in Japan (no GSM network). When my iPad2 arrives I look forward to using that in the same manner.
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How To Convert MOD/TOD Files To MPEG-2 On Mac And PCs
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