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 How to convert DVD to AVI on Mac?

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Not only is service spotty, but on AT&T if you are roaming (>50% of your time) on another company's network for 3months then they will terminate your plan. My daughter was on my plan and moved to Indiana for school. I had to drop her line. Otherwise our whole family plan would have been canceled. She is now on T-mobile. Supposedly AT&T has plans to purchase Centennial , but I haven't heard anything about this recently.hopefull copy blu-ray can solve itSo I'm coming from a background of using external hard drives (I've upgraded from a western digital 500GB drive to a 2TB life saver). It is clear that the industry is going into the clouds, but for some reason I'm concerned about it. My concerns is all the content I have in physical form: how will I get it onto the cloud? Will I have to re-buy every single thing if Apple doesn't recognize it? What about music that was not purchased on iTunes? Will the cloud be stable enough to handle a users extensive library? I've been using iTunes since 2003 and I've accumulated A LOT of songs, tv shows, movies, apps, etc. Call me crazy (or a digital hoader) but I'm not ready to part with any of my content. I guess this is me freaking out to the impending change that's going to take place soon. FYI my library breaks down to this: almost 3,000 songs, nearly 600GB of TV shows, 233 apps, and near 150 movies. (yeah, I live and breathe iTunes, judge me!)
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How to convert DVD to AVI on Mac?
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