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 The Guide of PDF to Epub

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PostSubject: The Guide of PDF to Epub   The Guide of PDF to Epub Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 8:52 am

Welcome to PDF to ePub Converter
PDF to ePub converter is a perfect and professional software to help you convert PDF to ePub.

The Guide of PDF to Epub Epub-mainface

PDF to Kindle Converter is a powerful converter, which enables you to convert PDF files to kindle format effortlessly.

The Guide of PDF to Epub Screenshot

PDF to Mobi Converter is the very PDF to mobipocket conversion tool to convert PDF to mobi.

The Guide of PDF to Epub Screenshot

PDF to Mobile Converter is a marvelous converter, which can convert PDF for mobile according to your need.

The Guide of PDF to Epub Interface

Step by step guide to convert PDF to ePub:pdf to epub

1.Select the type of the conversion.
Here are two types for you when you launch the software, you ought to choose the first "Converts PDF Files to EPUB File" as the screenshot shows above.

2.Add the PDF files
Add the PDF files you would like to convert to the PDF to ePub converter.

3.Set the output options
You can choose the output ePub format. Meanwhile you should browse the output folder to save the files.

4.Set the title, author and so on
You can name the output files and customize it as you like. And you can preview the files after your conversion.

5.Finish the conversion
You can save the ePub files converted and the conversion is finished.
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The Guide of PDF to Epub
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