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 Checking the 11 Niche Products for Goggle

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Checking the 11 Niche Products for Goggle Empty
PostSubject: Checking the 11 Niche Products for Goggle   Checking the 11 Niche Products for Goggle Icon_minitimeSun Apr 07, 2013 4:36 pm

01. Google Mars
Google Mars are similar to Google earth in all aspects, but this App is used to explore Mars.

02. Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a search engine for scholarly articles. Google scholar’s application range is very wide, can be used to search for articles, papers, books, abstracts and court decisions, its sources are including academic publishers, professional associations, online databases, universities and other web sites.

03. Google Art Project
Google Art Project is a website that allows users to online visiting to the museums and art galleries, etc., similar to Google street view.

04. Google Transliterate
Google Transliterate tools is a service that can help the users to enter the required language.

05. Build with Chrome
Build with Chrome is a cooperation project between Google Australia branch and the toymaker Lego. The project aims to display the 3D images on the web browser of Google Chrome. Users can create their own 3D models of Lego toy blocks.

06. Google Think
Google Think is an professional website which facing to the advertising executives and other similar professionals, to let them get marketing inspiration from Google.

07. Power Searching with Google
The Power Searching with Google is a free online courses, which is aimed at improving people's search techniques. Google’s search experts will teach tips and tricks on the courses in the search, to make people more adept at using a search engine, and find what they seeking.

08. Schemer
Schemer is a web site to help users to develop a plan of activities with friends, the service will be more effective in the densely populated areas.

09. Google Sound Search
Google Sound Search is a similar service to Shazam, which can tell users the name of playing songs and other relevant information, etc.

10. Google Moderator
Google Moderator is an open BBS, where you can discuss various topics, also can ask questions and communicates. Google Moderator help people to get feedback with all sorts of things.

11. The encrypted Google search service
The encrypted Google search service of encrypted.google.com, is a safer searching method. Encrypted.google.com is greater than the Secure Sockets Layer (Secure Sockets Layer protocol and its security can be equivalent to that of online banking.

Source: bestsoft4u.com , and you can also free download Free Media Converter and Free Media Downloader from this source website.
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Checking the 11 Niche Products for Goggle
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