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 How to transfer video files from PC to iPad

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How to transfer video files from PC to iPad Empty
PostSubject: How to transfer video files from PC to iPad   How to transfer video files from PC to iPad Icon_minitimeTue Apr 09, 2013 5:25 pm

As the title of how to transfer files from PC to iPad especially transfer videos, there’s two way to realize, the one is from the iTune, and the other is from the especial software of PC to iPad transfer. Ok, let’s talk about the ways of file transfer ipad in the following words.

Regarding to how to send files to ipad, you may remind of the iTunes firstly. It is a computer application enabling users to download music from the internet, create and order playlists, etc. which would lets you enjoy all your music, movies, videos, and TV shows on your Mac or PC. However, after the experience of iTune, you may find its disadvantages. The first it shall take up too much disk spaces as its cache files. Secondly, if multiple IOS devices are working together, their application program data banks are combined with each other, to make you find it’s no way to manage separately. The speed will be slow down when it’s operating on the computer, and the synchronization errors may easily to happen.

Actually, you know iTune is not the only tool that allows you to transfer video to ipad as well as other formats files. It is the third-party software which is without the above disadvantages of iTune as it is professional software that would help you to the solution of transfer video files from PC to iPad, no matter what kind of video formats at most as well as music, photos, audiobooks, etc. easily.

This wonderful iPad Transfer is a first class tool that acts as the roles of iPad to PC Transfer and to the opposite, the PC to iPad Transfer. At the same time, it would backup various kinds of video files for ipad and it could play the role of converter to convert general videos, audios and images and even DVD to iPad for the users. Moreover, its supports would be with to transfer iPad files to iPad, iPod, iPhone as well as iPhone 4. It works as general software to communicate with all iPad versions and other popular portable devices. It will bring so much fund and convenience to your daily life as a close friend.

Due to the friendly interface, to grasp the method of using to the iPad Transfer is so easy, please find following, we can tell you step by step.

Step one, please download iPad Transfer and do the work of connect from iPad to PC.

Step two,
Click “File” button to start to transfer files from PC to iPad, and make a selection of your aim files. You will get the “Task Process” window.

Step three, as the time of 100% parameter comes, click “OK” to complete following work of the transferring.

That's all for the easily transfer work, I think the answer to the question that how to transfer PC files to iPad is completely solved. Will you share this useful software to your friends who need the transfer files from computer to ipad?

Article Source: bestsoft4u.com , and you can also free download iPad Converter Suite from this source website.
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How to transfer video files from PC to iPad
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