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 Sure you don't know how to play iPad better of ten tips

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Sure you don't know how to play iPad better of ten tips Empty
PostSubject: Sure you don't know how to play iPad better of ten tips   Sure you don't know how to play iPad better of ten tips Icon_minitimeWed Apr 17, 2013 1:59 pm

It has been 3 years since iPad’s release, in this three years, it has got the rapid popularization, the number of its APP has also got repeated breakthrough, as though it is inconsumable. Apart from this, though the iOS system looks like so simple, all sorts of its hidden secret has not been unearthed over by far, then can you dare to say that you have mastered all the functions of iPad? The author of the article has summarized some useful skills as well as the user-friendly Plug-ins from some colleagues and net friends, maybe you can find some unvealed or uncontrolled ways of game play for you.
1. Mute Photo taking
Since the release of the third generation of iPad, its pixels of the camera has risen to 5 million pixels, thus more and more people may like to use iPad to take photos. However, sometimes we need to close the crack voice when we take photos (you may know my mean), there even has some special Plug-in to finish this task in Cydia. In fact, it is no need to be so much troublesome, as long as you open the iPad’s silence switch (the toggle switch on the right side), then there will be no voice at all when you take photos. It is said that many people don’t know it.
2. Build shortcuts for web pages

Regarding to some of the frequent visiting web pages, we could add it to the desktop as an application icon, thus we have no need to bother of opening the Safari web browser and inputting the website every time. You can use Safari browser to open the website at first, and then click the arrow button on the browser status bar. And then click here of “add to home screen”, then enter a name to title this website (the program will automatically read the title of the website, but you can also customize it for your own name) finally press the "add" button, this page has been added to the system on the desktop, you can click this icon to quickly open in the next time.
3.Opening link on a new window
Some web link has not got the design for the new window opening, thus the current page will usually be overlapped while the iPad has not got the Shift button for this press operating. In fact you can long press the new opening link, then a pop-up window will appear, click on the "open in new TAB" here, so the function will be realized.

4. Quickly return to the top
When you use Safari browser to watch a long web page, or view your Twitter page, or passionate chat with friends on the MSN, you all can quickly return to the top by touch the top status bar instead to scroll up, it’s very convenient.
5. Break keyboard into two half for use
Because the iPad screen is larger, it is often inconvenience when you hold it on hand while use the virtual keyboard, because if only use the thumb, the middle button may hard to touch. But as long as you put two fingers press on the keyboard and separate it to the two sides, you will find that the keyboard will be split in two half parts, then you can find it’s easily to enter now.
6. The text messages on the tablet, iMessage

It can also send text messages to each other by using tablets, for the premise is to activate the function of iMessage on both sides. Since the iOS5 began to pre-load this function on iOS by Apple enable your iOS device with the function of text messages and images sending with each other in a WIFI environment, rather than through telecom operators.
To use the iMessage, at first you need have an APPLE ID, and then use this ID to activate iMessage.

After the activation, you can enter other’s APPLE ID to go on the dialogues, if you use it on the iPhone, the iMessage’s conversations will display with the text messages on the same interface, the only difference is that the text bubbles of the dialogue is green, and the iMessage’s dialogue bubbles is blue.

7. Put shortcut switch in the notification bar

Android system’s shortcut button design will always gain the envy of people, but iOS has already realized it with Plug-in early such as SBSettings, but this software is too complex. Here the author recommends NCsettings.

Please search and install NCsettings in Cydia. Please check its specific setting on the Settings after the packing done. Actually it is no need to set up it will also be OK, but you can sort these shortcut icons here. The useless and space taking switches would be stand aside afterwards. You can see a row of lovely shortcut icons after the pull down of notification bar. We like NCsettings, because of its simplified icon design would combine with the whole feature of iOS, like the own function of iOS other than the third party software. Here the highlight icon graphed function has been opened; just one click would close this function. As for the brightness or the volume, the adjustment bar will appear as one button press, the effect is very natural and smooth. You may not envy the android users with this function.

8. Fingure operating with a finger gesture
As for the iOS5 times, the gesture has joined in, but it needs more than one fingers to work together, if you have a poor memory, the operating will be a bit hurry-scurry. So here recommend this Plug-in of Zephyr, which more simple and user-friendly than the Activator. After its installation you can use one finger to finish many operations, such as openning multiple task windows by a simple figure sliding; sliding around with one finger can quickly switch tasks under the current task; a single fingure slide can return to the desktop under the current task ... These operations are not only simple, but also meet people's operation habit, to make sure you will not forget.
9. Relocates the multiple Icons at one time

Have you ever considered about to sort out your messy destop, there are a variety of application types in a mess. But it's a big project, because the Icons would only be moved one by one, that’s really bitter for us! That’s all right now, please use a plug-in of Multiiconmover, which can move multiple Icons at a time. The usage is very simple, to let the icon jolted, and then one by one clicking the icon for the move, below the selected icon there will appear a small hook, after you select them, hold down one of the icon and drag it to another page, the other icon will automatically move following.

10. Quick closeing of the background task

For the people of fast-paced living style, even a redundant operation is redundant (like crap). Take the task of background delete to say,it is need to double-click the Home button (if you has installed the zephyr, it’s just need to slide for one time), and then hold the icon and wait for its shake, and then you can finally delete it, so redundant! Now we can install a SwitcherMod, once the icon appears, it has already be on the state of delete waiting ... So simple, right?

Don't look down upon these ten tips, though they are not so very fancy, but they have all got from the course of long-term use, so they are very practical skills.

Article Source: bestsoft4u.com , and there are also many useful articles for iPhone, iPad, iPod.
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Sure you don't know how to play iPad better of ten tips
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