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 How to convert mts to iPod?

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How to convert mts to iPod? Empty
PostSubject: How to convert mts to iPod?   How to convert mts to iPod? Icon_minitimeSat Oct 09, 2010 10:13 am

As for MTS converter, I recommend Tipard MTS Converter working as the best MTS to iPod MP4 Converter which is professional and powerful in converting MTS video files into some portable and editable video formats. Due to its intuitive and easy to use feature, just by three steps, you can accomplish the MTS to iPod conversion.
The just click three steps will shown as bellow:
Step 1: Import MTS video files into this MTS to iPod Converter .
Drag MTS video files into this software or click "Add File" button the bar menu to load MTS video files. And batch video files are allowed to be loaded for conversion.
Step 2: Select the output format and specify the destination folder.
Choose “iPod Video MPEG-4(*mp4)” as the output video format from “iPod” section from “Profile” drop list. Then, you can specify the folder which you would like to put the converted video file.
How to convert mts to iPod? Steps
Step 3: Join video files (Optional) and start MTS to iPod conversion.
For smoothly editing and playing, combine your imported video files into big one by ticking the checkbox of “Merge”. Finally, click the big button of How to convert mts to iPod? Convert “Convert” to begin this conversion.
After a while, MOV video file is ready for you to edit and perfect on Final Cut Express and Adobe Premiere Pro
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How to convert mts to iPod? Empty
PostSubject: reply   How to convert mts to iPod? Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 12:54 pm

I'm responding to this article as a pissed off iPhone consumer. I purchased the 3G, 3GS, and now 4. I didnt' have a single problem with the glass breaking, or cracking on my previous phones, but on the first day I purchased my iPhone 4, it slid off my table and cracked the bottom corner of the glass… THROUGH the case. I thought this was supposed to be revolutionary gorilla glass, or something of the sort. But now I have to keep this cracked phone, because Apple Care does not cover cracked screens. My iPhone 4 is still this shiznit, but WTFhopefull convert dvd to wmv can solve itNot just sliders, all tight fitting hard cases that are direct plastic on glass. My iPhone 4 now has a small chip on the back glass from a piece of dirt or something getting stuck in my otterbox defender. It had been under the felt part. I recommend getting a candy shell or somthing similar that has a soft material in contact with your phone.
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How to convert mts to iPod?
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