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 How to easily use VHS Converter

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PostSubject: How to easily use VHS Converter   How to easily use VHS Converter Icon_minitimeFri Dec 03, 2010 12:10 pm

About the VHS Converter we can separate two parts

One is VHS Converter

The VHS converter is the most professional software for you to convert your VHS videos and tapes to other formats that it supports. This VHS converter enables you to convert the VHS videos as you like, for instance, MP3, MP4, AVI, MPEG, VOB, QuickTime and so forth. At the same time, you are able to convert the VHS videos to DVD which help to preserve the precious moment for you with this excellent VHS converter. The VHS Tape converter can convert VHS tapes as well with the same quality as the original one.

The VHS converter is a very practical and easy-to-use software ready for you. Remember that the VHS Video converter includes two important parts which are VHS capturing tool and VHS converting tool. VHS capturing tool can only capure VHS tape to avi or mpeg2 format; if you want to convert VHS to other formats or burn to DVD disc, you should use the VHS converting tool. Both are essential to help you convert the VHS videos perfectly. And you are very lucky to find such an useful and practical software. So why not have a try and the software will not disappoint you.
Following are the screenshots of the VHS capturing and converting tools and provides the downloading link for each of the VHS Converter.The two programs are only USD$39.95 for full version without watermark.

How to easily use VHS Converter Screenshot

How to easily use VHS Converter Screen

Two is VHS to DVD Converter

Have you ever look for a VHS to DVD Converter or want to get the best way to convert VHS to DVD files. Due to the popularity of the Video Home System, you may have collected some cherished VHS tapes or stored footages of memorable events in your life in VHS format. There may be more that one way available. Here we try our best to choose appropriate one for you.

The next problem for VHS users may be how to convert VHS tapes to DVD? VHS to DVD Converter is specially designed for VHS users on converting VHS tapes to DVD format. VHS to DVD Converter provides you a very professional way to convert VHS to DVD equipment effortlessly. This excellent VHS to DVD conversion software has very simple and user-friendly interface. Both professional and amateur users can master it very quickly.

How to easily use VHS Converter Convert-burn

How to easily use VHS Converter Vhs-converter

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PostSubject: reply   How to easily use VHS Converter Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 3:44 pm

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How to easily use VHS Converter
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