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 DVD to iPad Converter Reviews

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I would say that it may be a big change that it's for the Verizon iPhone and a slightly smaller chance for the iPad 2. They deny vacation time every time a new iPhone comes out and they didn't when the iPad came out. I think the only way this can almost be set in stone is when Verizon says that they're denying vacation time during the same weeks Apple is denying it.It does make sense that AT&T would get the next generation iPhone before Verizon if Apple and AT&T came to a deal for letting the iPhone go to another carrier. So AT&T gets one in the summer and Verizon gets on in the winter.I see a lot of people bringing up the Voice and Data argument again, I don't think people really care about that as there are people ready to jump to Verizon when/if they get the iPhone. And it's really not that big a deal as it can be overcome by the use of WiFi as most places are installing free WiFi. None of my friends on Verizon or Sprint care about not having voice and data, my friends on AT&T and T-Mobile don't care about it. It's such a non-issue and there's people on AT&T and T-Mobile that don't even know they can use voice and data. The majority of iPhone users got an iPhone because "it's an iPhone" not because it's an all in one device or any of the other benefits that comes with it, but because "it's an iPhone"And before anyone says "I didn't buy it just because it's an iPhone" good for you, then you're not in the majority of idiots that bought it for the name and actually bought it for what it can do. And if you're going to complain about the Verizon iPhone not having voice and data, shut your mouth, stay on AT&T because if the iPhone comes to Verizon there's nothing you can do to stop it. Just look at the bright side, people will switch from AT&T to Verizon which will free up the network a bit and you'd have better service. But if the idea of a Verizon iPhone bothers you, then you must have some deep psychological issues. That or you secretly want a Verizon iPhone because you're sick of AT&T jerking you around and you just don't want to admit it in public or to yourself because you're jealous of Verizon's more robust network and stuck in a two-year contract so you're needing to fool yourself into thinking you have the best there is. And the only place you can complain about it is on the internet because you know your RL friends (if you have any) would smack the taste out of your mouth for being so stupid.hopefull video to mp3 converter can solve itSame thing I told my buddy today. Wasn't the iPad 2 supposed to be delayed too? Heck a week after that rumor, apple held an event and released the iPad 10 days later. These type of plans have been in the works for years. Apple knows what they are doing. So all these rumors should just stop. It's getting old really fast.
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DVD to iPad Converter Reviews
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