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 iphone itunes transfer

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PostSubject: iphone itunes transfer   iphone itunes transfer Icon_minitimeTue Dec 07, 2010 8:49 am

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PostSubject: reply   iphone itunes transfer Icon_minitimeMon May 02, 2011 4:37 pm

This sounds like crazy talk to me. What's the purpose of having a written license then?Applidium reads the GPL and interpreted there action of making the app free, providing the source code free, and making the source code available. Even the VLC org seems to agree with that.Apple distributes the app. Not sure what there role is other to do the usual cursory checks they do. Some entity, be it Apple, Applidium, VLC, going back to the contributors and making sure they could use it sounds like crazy talk to me. There's no need assign blame or anything here. The written word and what people interpret as ok or not, even in the most clear and consistent language, will have corner cases that will have people arguing ad nauseum. Really, the case here with Applidium's VLC app is splitting hairs to me. But hey, it's their cup of tea and they enjoy it. Good for them. I'm indifferent.hopefull mpeg4 to mp3 converter can solve itmine is for my iphone Sent from my iPhone 5 and iPad is Sent from my iPad 3@fastlane, hey man did you notice the old calculator and voice memo icons? Does this not just make it easier for people to steal credit cared details?
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iphone itunes transfer
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